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Thursday March 17 - Saturday March 19, 2005

Center for the Study of Law, Science, & Technology
Arizona State University College of Law

The Center for the Study of Law, Science, and Technology at the Arizona State University College of Law and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics invite you to participate in the Sixth International Conference on Forensic Statistics, from Thursday March 17 to Saturday March 19, 2005.

Forensic statistics, the application of statistics and probability to legal matters, is a rapidly expanding and sometimes contentious field that engages the attention of criminologists, economists, engineers, forensic scientists, geneticists, lawyers, psychologists, sociologists, statisticians, and survey researchers, among others.

Previous conferences have been held at Venice International University, North Carolina State University, University of Edinburgh, and at Arizona State University. The Sixth Conference is intended to bring together statisticians, lawyers, judges, forensic scientists, and individuals from many related disciplines to discuss the varied uses of statistics in legislative, administrative, and judicial proceedings. The conference will address such areas as biometric identifiers, forensic science, DNA evidence, graphical structuring of evidence, epidemiological and toxicological evidence, discrimination and civil rights, and ways to enhance jury understanding of complex evidence.